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Today, opening stackoverflow i have read 3 or 4 times the tag QT. For sure is something totally random but this made me think about a friend that this morning talked about how .net is gettin in shadow and c++ is coming back and made me think also about a kind of infovis on stackoverflow data.

Has any infovis about tag trend (for example) ever been tried on stackoverflow?

Speaking about tag trend during the last 3 years for example, have you ever thought about some statistical reduction of data (because I assume that data are too many per hours for making a complete analysis)?

Could you be interested in some kind of project on stackoverflow infovis?

EDIT: thanks to comment i have just found .. nice place where to start for some infovis! but.. are there some already done good infovis project?

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As long as you don't need very up to date data you can use the data dump and do all the statistical analysis you want on it. – Servy Dec 5 '12 at 21:59
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Stack Exchange recently had a data-visualization contest with several interesting entries, including a tag treemap for SO.

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