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Starting yesterday afternoon (i.e. 05/12/2012 at about 16:00 CET) started serving the desktop version of the site to my handheld using Opera Mini on Android 2.3. (whereas it used to serve the mobile site before).

I am not sure if this is happening by design, yet I think that about 99% of Opera Mini users would agree with me when I say that I would strongly prefer getting the mobile version as both the layout and functionality of the full version of SO is complete overkill for a tool as simple as Opera Mini.

Is this a bug or does this change have any background?

EDIT: UA String is Opera/9.80 (Android; Opera Mini/6.5.27452/28.3234; U; de) Presto/2.8.119 Version/11.10

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I probably caused this by asking for Android tablets to be identified as tablets and served the full version, which was implemented yesterday. Can you post your user agent here? Your phone is probably omitting the "mobile" identifier it is supposed to send. – Mad Scientist Dec 6 '12 at 11:18
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It's really rather frustrating how inconsistent browsers on Android tablets are, I doubt we'll ever be perfect.

That being said, the next build should fix this particular issue.

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Wonderful, thanks a whole lot for fixing that and all the other great work on the site!!! – m90 Dec 6 '12 at 18:43

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