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The phpDocumentor (like JavaDoc, but for PHP) is also commonly known as phpdoc (for instance in it's url and the command's actual name. Both and exist.

I suggest to make the 'master', as that's the official name of the program?

Currently even the tag wikis are practically the same:

phpdocumentor is Documentation Generator for PHP written in PHP.


phpDocumentor (phpdoc) is an automatic code-documentation tool for PHP, based on Javadoc.

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phpDocumentor is a product.

"phpdoc" is the name of the comment format that it and other products use.

They are not synonyms. They're related, but they are not the same thing.

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It is not one or the other, both are true. The point is, on stackoverlfow both unofficially (if I look at the topics and how the tag is used) and officially (the wiki about phpdoc says phpDocumentor (phpdoc) is an automatic code-documentation tool for PHP, based on Javadoc.), it is not used as the comment format, but as short for phpDocumentor. phpdoc is according to wikipedia, not maintained since 2000. It does refer to phpdocumentor and doxygen: but does the latter even use the word "phpdoc" for the format? – Nanne Dec 6 '12 at 19:26

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