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I asked the following question:

How to detect antivirus on Windows Server 2008 in C#?

but it got flagged as an exact duplicate of

How to detect antivirus installed on windows 2003 server and 2008 server 2003 server R2and 2008 server R2 using WMI or other then WMI in C++

The duplicate in question is asking for an answer specific to C++, whereas my question is specific to C#. While the two questions are similar, they revolve around different programming languages, so the answers are going to be different.

I feel that the they are certainly different enough to warrant having separate questions. Is it possible to have a closed question be reopened?

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While the concepts certainly may be the same, the implementation most definitely might not be, given the capabilities of different languages/runtimes and therefore not duplicates.

I've reopened the question.

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Further to CasperOne's answer and Coming to your question, If it gets 5 votes from people who have 3K+ reputation, it certainly would be re-opened.

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5 votes from users or one mod vote reopens (or closes) a question. – Servy Dec 6 '12 at 15:41

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