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I've been going through some older questions, specifically looking for shopping questions that should be flagged as "not constructive".

While going through the questions, I found http://stackoverflow.com/q/2539390/250725.

I went to flag it since it is a prototypical "not constructive" question, and if it was asked now, it would have been closed and downvoted into oblivion. But I hesitated because it is marked as a CW question. There is even a comment suggesting that the OP make it a CW questions since it was subjective.

Is there any special treatment that CW questions receive that should permit this question to remain open, or is this an old definition for CW? I did find this potentially related question, but it is dated at roughly the same time as the CW question in question, so I'm not sure how valid it is anymore.

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No. a Community Wiki is meant for a post to be edited more easily (because even very low reputation users may edit it freely). It doesn't make it close-proof or flag-proof.

If the question is still lousy in Stack Overflow standards, either edit it, or close it. It being a CW doesn't change the fact it's not a good question.

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