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I've seen some posts about merged questions on Meta Stack Overflow. What are merged questions, who can merge questions and what is the policy around this? What happens to reputation on questions and answers for merged questions? Is this similar to closing? Can users vote to merge and unmerge or is this only done by diamond moderators?

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The tag wiki already explains most of this: AFAIK this does not involve users (other than perhaps the initial close votes and maybe a flag indicating that a merge might be useful/possible). – Bart Dec 8 '12 at 22:13

Questions can be merged by diamond moderators when one question is an exact duplicate of the other.

Users cannot vote to merge questions, but they can flag for a moderator to do so (this should only be done in cases where the answers to the new question make sense as answers to the original, so they really need to be close to exact duplicates).

Duplicate question

  • Stub created, link pointing to master question
  • Locked from editing
  • Redirects automatically to master question if you are not logged in
  • Edit history shows:

    Post Merged (source) to

Canonical or master question

  • Add answers, comments and their votes
  • Transfers favourites, or stars from source question
  • Edit history shows:

    Post Merged (destination) from

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