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is attached to SO questions about one of two distinct things:

I myself don't know the ICC compiler from Adam but I have plenty to offer w/r/t the ICC color-profile file format. A glance through the question list reveals a litany of posts from enthusiastic specialists, each of whom have one or another form of “ICC” expertise, but never both.

Unlike many ambiguous-tag scenarios, there is really no overlap between the two realms of inquiry in this case. I don't think there's a single value-add to the tag's role representing these two domains; at the very least, when discussing homonyms/synonyms/etc like these, one can typically wring out some forced and unfunny “ICC/ICC” joke, but I've got nothing in this case.

Even though my reputation falls short of the minimum balance one needs to make tag-wiki edits, I can still write up and submit tag-wiki copy changes for review — like many of my peers, I have taken advantage of this. I don't believe there's a way to suggest other actions, like disambiguation. If that is by design, or not, that's fine either way for me; I'm only bringing this up here to illustrate the one issue with .

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related: A real solution to ambiguous tags - "Just like a tag can be declared a synonym of another tag, basically changing all references to the synonym to references to that other, canonical tag, it should be possible to make it a disambiguation tag..." – gnat Dec 19 '12 at 11:51
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How can “tag antonyms” — ambiguous tags with multiple distinct meanings, like — best be nominated for disambiguation and/or bifurcation?

By posting here on meta. Congrats, that's what you've just done. Mission accomplished!

There are just over 100 questions in . That's low enough that we don't really need diamond mods to help, but enough that we'll want to build a bit of consensus before taking action. The action I'm going to advocate in this answer is:

  • Replace with on questions talking about color profiles.
  • Rename to , either by hand by editing questions, or by asking for help from a diamond mod. A synonym wouldn't be out of the question either.
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