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I made a question in Stack Overflow that has just scored 1500 views. But, while the "main" counter passed from 1K to 2k, the tooltip displays 1527 (the actual value I guess). Is it a round matter? Is this correct?

enter image description here

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I assume so. The same behavior of rounding up numbers can be seen for reputation in the user card once that user reaches double digit thousands...

  • If I have 13,364 rep, it'll show as 13.4K
  • If I have 13,501 rep, it'll show as 13.5K

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If you have 13,450 it is show as 13.5k. It's the 50 free reputation giveaway, every 100 rep. – ben is uǝq backwards Dec 10 '12 at 15:08

this is how its looks like when there is four digit

enter image description here

so they rounding up numbers and than it will look like

enter image description here

and lix explained how rounding number works here

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