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When I accidentally doubleclick “log in with Stack Exchange”, this results in the following effect: The first click tries to load the login and password field for stack exchange ID provider, meanwhile the rest of the HTML page moves upwards and the second click executes the link “click here to sign up”. So the sign up dialog loads as well. Ignoring the signup input fields, I enter my user name and password in the first set of boxes and submit them, but instead of a login it says “page could not be found”. This happens with Firefox 17.0.1.

Trying the same on Internet Explorer first shows "AdBlock interfers with login, please disable it" while loading the both dialogs [note: there shouldn't any ad block tool in my IE installed], but they get loaded then and the message disappears. After entering e-mail and password, it says "Third Party Cookies Appear To Be Disabled". [Logging in the way one should does work without issues, so this is obviously not the case, either.]

I know this is kind of an operating error, but I wanted to tell you anyway. Had tagged "minor" but one mustn't add more than 5 tags here.

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