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I tried quoting my comment in chat. The comment used the [chat] magic comment link. In the quotation, the link text Chemistry Chat became Stack Exchange Api V2 Chat

I tried it with a bunch more magic links on my sandbox. For reference, the source of the comment is as follows:

 [chat]  [ask] [answer] [edit] [faq] [meta-faq] [faq#flagging] [physics.se]

This is the result. The title-text of the [chat] link is broken, and most of the link targets are borked.

(I can't use [meta] on the formatting sandbox since it's on meta, but here is the result of quoting a comment with meta on it on main)

Looks like chat treats the magic links in the quote as if they're chat magic links, which work differently.

Fix please?

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This is really a bug in the API, not in chat. The onebox just displays whatever the API returns, and what the API returns is this and this:

{"items": [
    {"body": "<a href=\"http://chat.stackexchange.com\">Stack Exchange Api V2
        Chat</a>  <a href=\"/questions/how-to-ask\">How to Ask</a>
        <a href=\"/questions/how-to-answer\">How to Answer</a> [edit]
        <a href=\"/faq\">faq</a> [meta-faq] <a href=\"/faq#flagging\">faq</a>
        <a href=\"http://physics.stackexchange.com\">Physics</a>"

Fixed in the next API build, after which it will work correctly in chat as well.

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