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According to the tag wiki it is targeting questions about the Ruby-on-Rails koala gem. It has 169 questions

So, the (it does not have a tag wiki) is exactly identical (it has 8 questions, of which most also use the tag).

I therefore propose to make a synonym of

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If nobody chimes in with a reasonable objection, I'll do this later this evening. I can't see there being an objection to the synonym. – Tim Post Dec 20 '12 at 1:42

I am the developer behind the new Koala language to which is referred earlier ( As you can read there, this will be a language which can be used to program PIC microcontrollers.

However, this language will not reach a giant audience. For example, have a look at the - lower profile, in my opinion - Jal language, which has the same purpose.

I will take care myself for a discussion group on Yahoo or something to help people with problems. For a smaller language, that's easier than this - great though - website.

Therefore, I do not see it necessary to reserve the Koala tag. By the way, if my language will gain territory and this site would become useful to my users, the pic-koala tag could be used.

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It seems there is a programming language called Koala, but it is not so extensively used to cause any tag clash, though.

I would merge the tags, and make a synonym of .

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