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I normally search for questions tagged with and related. So, I typically search for sql-server, sql-server-2008 without using brackets and it automatically understands that I'm searching for those tags. Strangely, when I do the same with sql-server-2012, it doesn't recognize it as a tag unless I search with the brackets, here is an example:

screen shot

Why does this happen?, shouldn't it recognize it as a tag just like sql-server-2008?

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That is done if the word is used for a tag which is between the 60 most popular tags. In the other cases, the brackets are not automatically added.

This is what the Search Options page says:

Results are weighted heavily towards question title matches, and any search terms matching the most popular 60 tags will be automatically mapped to a tag to help narrow your search.

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Oh, that explains it then, thanks! – Lamak Dec 20 '12 at 17:26

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