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The Guide my Sleigh, Soup du Jour, and Buddy Breathing hats come from asking a question with 50, 250, and 500 views respectively.

This is a little vague (much like this).

  • Does it have to be asked after Winter Bash started?
  • Can an old question qualify if it reaches these # of views during Winter Bash? (so excluding any questions already above these numbers)
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All questions and answers have to be posted after the winter bash started. A moderator pointed that out on my question here.

All other hats must be earned by actions performed between 00:00 UTC 19 December 2012 and 23:59 UTC 4 January 2013. Happy hat-hunting!

The "other" refering to the L'Chaim hat which is the only hat you can get retroactively.

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This is not necessarily true for all hats. I earned a hat for an answer I had posted in November. ;) But all the ones that are visible to you follow this criteria. – animuson Dec 20 '12 at 19:30

Only on questions since December 19th

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