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I have a question regarding how people effectively review code while using mass transit. I spend a lot of time on the subway, so I'd like to look over the code a little bit during the ride. I'm finding getting the code onto my iOS devices to be tedious. I wanted to ask people how they deal with this issue but I feel it's too open-ended to be appropriate to ask on Stack Overflow.

Is there a place on Stack Exchange where it would be suitable to ask this question? If so, where? Thanks.

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The closest site is Programmers, which is for "conceptual questions about software development".

But try to formulate your question to be specifically answerable as possible. If you phrase it so that "every answer is equally valid", e.g. as a poll for just a list of techniques, it's likely to be closed" Think about how you might ask about "getting the code onto my iOS devices"—that could lead to a specific question.

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