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It seems that the "ss" sequence is treated abnormally by the auto completition engine.

I noticed the issue typing "oss" and having the following suggestions:

macosx (194)
centos (141)
osx (122)
hosting (119)
postfinx (77)
web-hosting (65)

That is not what one expects of course

writing an additional "s" seems to make "osss" be treated as wanted ("oss") by the engine, resulting in the following, good, suggestions:

moss (32)
jboss (16)
cross-platform (7)
moss-2007 (5)
data-loss (3)
jboss-cache (1)

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Confirmed. Even works with one s: Typing in "as" suggest any tag with an "a" in it. – balpha Aug 21 '09 at 10:20

This is indeed an old left over "trick", of removing the trailing S. I took it out of the code and will deploy later.

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I think the tagging system is very difficult to use if you choose things from the suggested list.

Just type in the tags and don't choose them.

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I totally disagrre – drAlberT Aug 25 '09 at 8:16

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