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Is it possible to see a status of my suggested edits (i.e. user had X edit suggestions approved, and Y edit suggestions rejected; for reputation below 2,000) and a list of edited questions from "My Account" page?

I know that Stack Overflow keeps track of suggested edits including list of approvals and rejections (if one goes to an edited question and clicks suggested in reviews list) but I am not sure if it is possible to see summary of those in My Account page.

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Yes, go to your activity tab, filter on suggestions, to see a list of all your suggestions:

Tom's suggested edits

To get statistics on your suggestion approvals and rejections, click on a suggested link; you may have to expand the stats area with a (more) link:

Suggested edit stats

Here the stats area has been expanded, so the (more) link is now a (less) link instead.

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Ah! Too obvious to check that tab :). Many thanks for your help. – Tom Dec 26 '12 at 18:39

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