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Is the Stack Exchange engine available to download for use as an enterprise website?

I think Stack Exchange's engine is very great and could be very cool to use for internal enterprise patterns and practices, like the engine of Wikipedia.

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Stack Overflow Enterprise is now available!

Stack Exchange Inc. has released an updated, feature-complete version of Stack Overflow which is now available as an Enterprise version. Contact the Enterprise Team at enterprise [at] stackoverflow .com to learn more.

Stack Overflow Enterprise is a private version of Stack Overflow, hosted on-premises (or on private cloud) to help teams collaborate, move faster, and share knowledge amongst themselves in a secure environment. The Enterprise version has the same end user experience for developers, but adds in useful features like support for SSO, reporting, and integration with other systems.

Enterprise is a self-sustaining community, built for large organizations that generally plan to support 500 or more users.

If you prefer a more public-facing site, we have 150+ sites to help support your developer community. But if you cannot find a Stack Exchange site in your area of interest, we have a place where you can propose one. "Area 51" is a community-driven process where groups of experts come together to build new Q&A sites that work just like Stack Overflow. You can read more about the site proposal process here.

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Does the enterprise edition use the latest engine and get all the improvements as they happen or is it the old white label 1.0 version? – Lorem Ipsum Sep 19 '13 at 15:49
@RobertCartaino With this update, can you re-answer the two questions in the comments here? – ArtOfCode Jun 17 at 15:44
@LoremIpsum Stack Exchange Enterprise has been updated to use the current version of Stack Overflow. With a dedicated Enterprise team, they have also added feature which are unique to the Enterprise environment. – Robert Cartaino Jun 17 at 15:44
@ArtOfCode Unfortunately no. I don't believe there is fixed pricing available. Pricing depends on the requirements and hosting arrangements needed by the customer. – Robert Cartaino Jun 17 at 15:46
@RobertCartaino That's just as good an answer, cheers. – ArtOfCode Jun 17 at 15:47

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