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I've often seen an edit (1) link next to post with a suggested edit, when hovered:


1 edit to this post is pending, please review it

Is it possible for a post to have more than one edits pending for review on it? I remember in the past, the number stated how many people voted on it.

After some testing, turns out it can't, so here's the findings:

  • A post may only ever have one suggested edit at a time.
  • When a post with a pending edit gets viewed by a low-rep user, the edit link is grayed out.
  • The number used to mean "Total number of edit reviews this post had" (Basically, number of votes to approve + number of votes to reject).

For those reasons, the suggested edit will always show 1 (and by that implying that there could be more).

Are there plans of making a single post accept multiple suggest edits? Why was this changed in the first place?

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Hmm, luckily there were a few suggested edits to be reviewed, so I could test. Seems you are right and things changed. The number used to indicate the count of reviews the suggested edit already had. – Daniel Fischer Dec 29 '12 at 16:10
Just noticed this one thanks to the tireless Community user who keep bumping unanswered questions! +1 and will start bounty as well to try lure some official attention. – Shadow Wizard Oct 23 '13 at 12:28

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