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If you click on a badge under the Badges page, say Announcer (on TeX.SE), you receive the following view:

enter image description here

For long question titles, it's not even possible to see who earned this badge for that specific question. I think the updated "Review history" page has a more suitable way of displaying this content. For example, consider the First Posts review page (on TeX.SE):

enter image description here

Most likely only columns 1, 2 and 4 would be required here. Regardless, the presentation of the post titles wrap as needed, without cluttering the view with user badge lists (which doesn't add value on that page).

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Part of the problem is that TeX.SE uses such a huge font for the question links in that list. It's nowhere near as bad on math.SE, for example. (Actually, I think it might be a bug in the TeX.SE style sheet.) – Ilmari Karonen Dec 30 '12 at 1:07
@IlmariKaronen It happens also on Math.SE; it's impossible to see who earned the badge for The Tuesday birthday problem – egreg Dec 30 '12 at 11:43

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