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I have a question which is technically programming related, but since it has to do with a particular CSS theme, I'm worried it might not be appropriate for SO. Where do you think I should ask a question like this:

I am using the Black Label theme and on the porfolio page you can click on a picture and a bigger picture comes up. This is in the form of a slide show, and you can use left or right to go to the previous or next picture. However, there is always only one picture, so it wraps around every time. Using wordpress there is only an option to add a featured image, but no option to add other images. I find it strange that a slideshow would only allow one image. How do I add more images to each portfolio category?

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@Asad thanks asad. If that is in the form of an answer I will accept it. – puk Dec 30 '12 at 1:52

There is a Stack Exchange site specifically devoted to questions about WordPress development: WordPress Answers.

As with all sites, before you post anything you should:

  1. Read their FAQ
  2. Look at other questions on the site to get a feel for its intended scope
  3. Tailor your question so that it is a good fit for their community.

Good luck with your question.

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