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Occasionally, I make it onto the "top reviewers of the day" list for a particular review queue.

But, as the day progresses, the ordering for people with the same number of reviews appears to change randomly. Especially once many people have reached the maximum number of reviews for that queue.

The tie breaker doesn't seem to be the

  • time of the reviews,
  • reputation,
  • number of total reviews,
  • number of brown pixels in gravatar,
  • alphabetical (by username),
  • or any other metric I can think of.

How is this list sorted? What is the tie-breaker for people with the same number of reviews?

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My guess the sorting is random, and cached for a while. – Martijn Pieters Jan 2 '13 at 12:13

I would really like this question to be answered so I copy the response made by Anna Lear in the Tavern:

I'm pretty sure there's no rhyme or reason to that order beyond what SQL Server serves up.

Here is a link to the transcript

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