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I want to create a list of my favorite SO users, to read their interesting answers when I have time. I have been told that since a "favorite users list" feature does not exist on Stack Exchange, I have to subscribe to that user's RSS feed.

I currently access Stack Overflow from my Android device. When checking the user page on my device, I cannot seem to find that RSS feed. Where is it?

Once I have the user feed, how should I use it, how should I create my "favorite Stack Overflow users list"?

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I don't know if the user feeds are linked on the mobile version of the site (doesn't appear to be), but the URL is always of the form:


e.g. your own user feed on Meta is: wil's feed.

The feeds are Atom feeds, you can read them with any good feed reader/aggreagtor.

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Thank you for the info and the links ! I will +1 your answer when I have enough reputation to do so. – wil Jan 7 '13 at 4:49

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