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Possible Duplicate:
Migrated question’s answers can be upvoted twice by the same user
Disallow voting on answers if question is migrated

  1. I have asked a question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14171460/what-is-session-leader-in-ps-ax?noredirect=1 on Stackoverflow.
  2. I up-voted the good answer and accepted it.
  3. Later the question is moved to Super user as What is session leader in `ps ax` along with its up-votes and accept tick-mark.
  4. Now can I up-vote the same answer again?

Why is that? Didn't I just vote on it? Shouldn't it be prevented?

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When I searched it I dind't find same thing. Now I see 2 same question. Other is Disallow voting on answers if question is migrated – Shiplu웃 Jan 5 '13 at 16:48

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