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I love the functionality of stack overflow. However, I'd like to embed a version in my site.

Ideally, it would need the following features:

  1. I can remove the overwhelming Stackoverflow branding and replace with smaller "Powered by StackOverflow"

  2. I can filter the results to limit the available sets of data provided to my users (subsets only)

Does this functionality exist? If so, can you provide a link? If so, does StackOverflow provide detailed terms, conditions and limitations of this service?

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"overwhelming" branding? It is their site. Can I steal your site and choose how I want your branding to be? – Austin Henley Jan 9 '13 at 0:10
I'd like, to be classic, a pony. – Rosinante Jan 9 '13 at 0:40
whatevs === grain of salt (overwhelming branding) vs wound (can't embed stackoverflow in my site) – Brad Parks Dec 4 '14 at 1:41
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Nope, no can do. But you might contact the team directly to see if they're interested in pursuing that form of marketing. The email is at the bottom of this page ('contact us').

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No, you can not. But many others have asked similar questions.

Is the Stack Exchange engine available? as well as Are there going to be public details about the enterprise version of SE? which had the response:

It's for internal use only (i.e. not public internet) and it's only for large institutions (think big banks, or Google/Apple/MS type orgs).

Check out Stack Overflow clones if you are interested in running your own because their are many open source knock offs.

However, if you want the community and the data, then the only way is to use SE as it stands.

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