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Within <pre>, the tag <b> is visually ignored on the mobile version and on some Window-versions.

For reproduction read this answer. It contains many annotated programs (). Like:

?- phrase(a,X),false,length(X,Y),Y<4.

Here, the false should be bold. And the part right to it should be striked through.

Then, click on "mobile" to switch to the mobile version. In the mobile version downmarked bold tt annotations are still present, like false, but all bold is gone from the <pre> environments.

Red: Missing bold. Green: Bold is present

Just as a side remark: the request for further markup in <pre> has been refused on the grounds that real programs do not posses such annotation either. But in this case here a program is annotated to explain properties of the program.

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The fix is on dev now. It will be in the next pro build.

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