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Is there a StackExchange site appropriate to ask a question about web design?

I'm needing some suggestions about which colors to use for a very dark themed website, where should I ask this?

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Two options:

  1. Graphic Design Stack Exchange (FAQ - 22 website-design + color questions, including one that might be a duplicate of yours)
  2. User Experience Stack Exchange (FAQ - 21 color scheme questions)

Read both sites' FAQs carefully and search for similar questions before you ask your own.

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Thanks, I'll probably use the Graphic Design one – yentup Jan 10 '13 at 3:32

At the moment, the question is too broad for most every site dealing with this subject. If you could narrow down your question a bit...

  • If your question was about improving the kind of user experience a user would receive with a dark-themed website, and could provide screenshots, then perhaps User Experience would be a good fit.

  • If your question was about why people prefer to do dark themed websites, then perhaps Graphic Design would be a good fit.

General opinion-poll type questions are off topic for most any question on Stack Exchange. For some background on that, check out Good Subjective, Bad Subjective.

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