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I just happened to come across , a wikiless tag in serious need of cleanup.

It looks like about a third of the questions are about the bash builtin command trap, with a few more about the equivalent command in powershell and a couple about ruby. A bunch are about SNMP traps, while the remainder, about half of the total, are mostly about CPU interrupt traps.

As far as I see, most of the questions that don't fall into the above groups should simply have the tag removed, and the SNMP questions might deserve to be split off to their own tag (?).

However, that still leaves us the question of what to do about the shell commands vs. the CPU interrupts? They are sort of related, but not so closely that they'd really fit comfortably under the same tag. My first inclination would've been to declare to be about the interrupts, since those are the more fundamental concept of the two, but then what do we do about the shell questions? Or should we move the CPU trap questions under (which is kind of in need of cleanup itself) and leave for the shell commands?

Edit: To start with, I've simply removed the tag from the following questions:

I think that's most of the simply misplaced ones that don't belong to any of the groups described above.

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Why not just remove the trap tag from all of the questions, retagging them as appropriate? I can't see any good use for it here. –  casperOne Jan 12 '13 at 16:04
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