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Oftentimes when editing a tag wiki I wonder, if it is encouraged to include references to other tags via the [tag: ...] markdown syntax.

For example, many rather general tags could benefit from listing subtopics in their wiki to give users a better understanding of the tag's context or potentially encourage them to use the more specific tag where applicable.

As an example of this, see , where the tag wiki of links to the tag, because lean ux is a technique that real only came about in the context of agile development.

So my question: Should tag wikis "interlink" by using other tags? Is this desireable or should it even be avoided?

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Using tag links is great for tag wikis, especially when used to illustrate the proper use of a tag, or to point to alternatives.

The Stack Overflow tag wiki uses this to great effect to point version-specific tags, for example:

Tagging recommendation:

It is recommended that you use the tag. If you believe your question includes issues specific to the incompatible Python 2.x or Python 3.x, use or . If you believe your question may be even more specific, you can include a version tag such as .

I'd say that this is the number one reason for the existence of the [tag:tagname] markup.

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