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I am learning about the issues surrounding topic migration. I now understand that a lot of migration requests are rejected, and the target site moderators are sometimes overwhelmed by the incoming deluge of migrated questions from SO in particular.

I originally had "remove migration dialog" in the title, but that was just sensationalist. I still think there ought to be a mechanism for migrating questions. But given that so many migration requests are unwelcome, perhaps it should be made harder, or less obvious.

When I first learned to click the Close button to vote to have an off-topic or otherwise inappropriate question removed, I was somewhat surprised to be presented with the migration dropdown when I clicked "off-topic". I am now suggesting that this mechanism invites new users users who do not read meta to suggest migration when in fact that option should be reserved only for "interesting" questions.

So the slightly less tongue-in-cheek suggestion would be to make the drop-down simpler.

This question is

◉ off-topic

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◯ on-topic for a different site in the StackExchange network ... >

... and then the "on-topic" second-layer dropdown could contain the migration list, or some new replacement for it. Hiding it behind a second layer might be a first step towards making it more usable -- I'm thinking perhaps each user could have a customized list of sites they actually participate in, and only be able to migrate to those; but that's a topic for a separate posting.

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Your base assumption "invites new users to suggest migration" is wrong. New users can't vote to migrate a question, it requires 3000 points which usually takes time and experience to gain. Moreover, users should choose a site only if they are sure not out of a whim. – Shadow Wizard Jan 14 '13 at 7:38
Make that "users who have the prerequisite privileges, but who do not read meta" rather than "new users". Personally, I achieved 3k in something like 3 months, which qualifies as "relatively new" in my book. The point of my suggestion is to try to enforce "only if they are sure", or at least discourage "on a whim", which I think the current system doesn't accomplish. – tripleee Jan 14 '13 at 7:54
related: suggested migrations review at target site "queue... at target site... would contain a list of questions flagged / voted for migration. Target site users with appropriate privileges (eg close voters, or editors etc...) could submit their feedback on whether the proposed question is a good fit for migration..." – gnat Jan 14 '13 at 9:19

If our answer to a problem is to slow the process down then we don't have the right solution. If there is a problem with migration, then we need to find a better way to fix it than making a user click more.

Clicks are the devil!

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While my proposed design would require two clicks where today you only need one, it is not a crucial detail. In fact it might make more sense to offer "it is off-topic" and "it is on-topic for ..." as two alternatives in the top-level dialog. Thanks for your comment! – tripleee Jan 14 '13 at 11:41

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