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I'm referring this question: Is C/C++ one language or two languages?

At the time of this writing:

  • The question is less than 1 hour old.
  • The question is at -1.
  • The combined score of the answers is 49 votes.

By now, I would have expected this question to have skyrocketed to near the top of the Multicollider.

According to the formula posted by Jeff (which I believe is out of date now), the combined answer score should be enough to offset the low question score. But the question is not on the Multicollider.

Is there a strict minimum question score to get onto the Multicollider? - regardless of how heavily upvoted the answers are?

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I'll also add that the question is currently open. It has two close votes right now, and will likely be closed - which would exclude it from the Multicollider. But as of this writing, it is still open. – Mysticial Jan 15 '13 at 3:42
Far as that question goes and for my money... zneak's comment just about sums it up. The question is clear and answerable (and answered fairly well at that) even if possibly naive to every experienced programmer out there. I cleaned up the comments a bit, and I hope it stays open without further drama. – Adam Lear Jan 15 '13 at 4:04
@AnnaLear 3 days ago I asked a question on meta, about one other SO question which was closed as too localized.. Too localized says question is only likely to help a very few programmers in internet and not applicable to general public... Well I really would like to know how many programmers the question referenced here helps? To me the question is too localized then.. I voted it to close. – Krishnabhadra Jan 15 '13 at 7:06
@Krishnabhadra I reopened that question since I agree - it's not all that localized. However, I strongly suggest you do not cast close votes essentially out of spite. If a question was wrongly closed, it's not a reason to go ahead and start wrongly closing other questions in the same way just to prove a point. – Adam Lear Jan 15 '13 at 18:27
@AnnaLear However, I strongly suggest you do not cast close votes essentially out of spite Oops.. There was nothing like that. I am not someone who normally use too localized as close reason.. I just ignore those question, and let others do the job. But from meta question I posted, what I understood is too localized can be used when the question do not help future visitors much, question too basic for most people to search. I still think this question tick the mark. So I stand with my close vote, but happy that community made the decision. – Krishnabhadra Jan 16 '13 at 3:01
BTW I agree with you that this question cannot be considered as non constructive since no way it results in long debate, solicit discussions etc.. – Krishnabhadra Jan 16 '13 at 3:02

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