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I suggest SO to friends almost on a weekly basis — some of whom have joined, and really enjoy it. Would it be out of the question to consider referral-links, which award the referrer with a "Recruiter" badge after two or three friends have joined, and reached a reputation of 100+?

Perhaps these badges could be named "Recruiter" or "Scout."

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This has already been suggested: – Brandon Aug 21 '09 at 20:44
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Even if implemented - most recommendations for a site are going to cause the listener to just type the site name into their browser (either navigate or search). I doubt the referral link would be used in reality.

It also ties into the discussion about affiliate tags - if readers here treat them as spam, wouldn't they look at your link as spam?

But please keep recommending the sites ;-p

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Indeed, this is now possible:

We have Announcer (bronze), Booster (silver), and Publicist (gold).

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