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I searched and searched and I couldn't find the criteria for deletion/keeping of LQPs. What are the criteria for keeping or deleting a LQP? Usually in my experience it takes 6 Recommend Deletions, but in some cases I recommended deletion and that was the only thing the post needed to be deleted.

img2 (Attempt to replicate this :D)

Also, I found something else.


That doesn't seem right. A single person said the post looked good (against 5 people who didn't!) and the answer was not deleted. Why is that?

My current guess:

  • 1 "Looks Good" means it's kept (NOT a good idea IMO)
  • 6 "Recommend Deletion" for it to be deleted
  • If the magical power of unicorns is with the voter, 1 "Recommend Deletion" for it to be deleted
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I can't find the reference post, but AFAIK it takes 3 delete votes to delete a post. "Recommend deletion" votes just make the posts more visible to users who can cast delete votes (20k users). – bfavaretto Jan 17 '13 at 1:43
Well, I was wrong. 6 recommend deletion votes do cause a deletion: – bfavaretto Jan 22 '13 at 14:25

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