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The tag currently has 951 questions. It describes itself very vague as

Normalization refers to transformations which aim to reduce variation of various types of data and thereby allow more consistent processing, searching, sorting, comparison, etc.

A minority of the question are correctly tagged with this tag but most other questions should be tagged with instead.

There is another tag called (84 Questions) and itself describes as

This tag has no single, established meaning at this time. In practice, it is currently being used for a number of unrelated topics. They include normalizing text, vector normalization and normalize() functions in assorted languages. For database normalization, please use [database-normalization].

How about burninating both tags?

(Related Question)

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I don't think you can burninate those tags until you go through them all and retag them, which will take a little bit of work. We also would need to create some replacement tags like and (just suggestions).

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