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Notice carefully the Archaeologist badge

Edited 100 posts that were inactive for 6 months.

in this context what does "inactive" mean?

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Basically any question that has an active date greater than 6 months. You can see the active date on any question on the right column underneath the tags, asked date and viewed count. – Jeff Mercado Jan 19 '13 at 20:53
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JonW’s answer led me to this query.

From here I learned the "activity" is determined by the variable Posts.LastActivityDate. After this I constructed my own query to determine the Last Activity Date on posts with both Answers and Comments. Possible events to trigger activity are

Question post
Question edit
Answer post
Answer edit
Comment post
Comment edit

From my tests these are the actual triggers

Question post
Question edit
Answer post
Answer edit
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It seems like the Community bumps back to the front page may make a post active again too. – Tim Malone May 22 at 8:24

The activities the badge is referring are:

  • Editing an existing answer
  • Editing the question
  • Adding a new answer

For example, on Integration with the RDF module the link labelled "Active" takes to the question itself, which I edited today; on NFS Directories between 2 Servers the same link takes to this answer, which was created three days ago.

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