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How can I know which question should be asked on which Stack Exchange site?

How can I figure out which Stack Exchange site is the best one to ask a question on?

For example, if I'm a programmer, and I want to ask a question about Eclipse, how do I know which site is the best to ask my question on?

  • stackoverflow.com
  • programmer.stackexchange.com
  • or something else?

Is there a way to search the "about" pages for all Stack Exchange sites and see if I can find one that's a good match?

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Every site has a FAQ linked at the top. Read those. And if in doubt, ask on the site-specific Meta. – Bart Jan 24 '13 at 16:34
P.s. if you really intend this to be a feature request (as originally tagged), make it a clear feature request. What you have now is more of a support question. – Bart Jan 24 '13 at 16:36

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Visiting http://stackexchange.com/sites gives you an overview of the stack exchange community of sites, and a brief overview of each. You can use this to help select which one might be best for your question, and click through to get more information.

A lot of this is going to depend on the content of your question:

  • If you are writing a macro or extension for Eclipse, that belongs on Stack Overflow.
  • If you are looking for suggestions about how to use Eclipse most efficiently in your workflow, that belongs on Programmers.

Questions about the use of a specific feature or problem specific to your install don't belong the SE network. They should be asked on some type of Eclipse-specific forum.

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