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There is a and . Their tag wiki's are obviously an almost copy but the language of is general enough to encompass the second and it says it's intent is to be language-independent

I'm not sure about the usefulness of having these tags but I have no problem leaving them on, so I submit this to the audience:

Should these tags stay or go?

If the answer is stay then I think is too specific and needs to be merged and made a synonym.

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Created synonym... Didn't merge, in case something bad happened. – Robert Harvey Jan 24 '13 at 22:05
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I'd say keep them but make a synonym of , indeed. After all, we have whole list of exception tags to match.

These two tags are mostly used combined with Java (and a small percentage of C#), but the former wins as it has the larger number of questions.

I'd do it right now but lack the required 5 votes in the tag..

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