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The tag isn't specific to development on the iPhone. It is specific to iOS development, using Cocos2d and it even states that in the tag wiki.

Therefore, I recommend renaming this tag to . This suggestion is also supported by the fact that if you check out the wiki, you will see that the other Cocos2d tags relate to other frameworks or architectures are not to specific devices that that Cocos2d can run on.

Furthermore, since all questions regarding also directly related to the iPod Touch and iPad, I think this tag should be renamed with a more generalized meaning.

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I just noticed that this tag also exists on the game development site. I assume this is the type of change that should be made across stackexchange, but I think if this is made on stackoverflow, the update could trickle across the other sites that have this tag. There is no reason why this should ever be a tag specific to iphone. – RLH Jan 25 '13 at 13:37
Tags are site-specific, not network-wide. Any retagging or renaming would have to be done on each site. – Charles Jan 25 '13 at 17:27