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When using the user: search operator, search disregards all non-tag content from the question when the post that I own is an answer. This is perhaps better explained with an example.

If I want to find this answer I wrote, I can perform a tag-based user:me search which will work:

user:150235 [bug][auto-linking]

However, the following search will not:

user:150235 parenthesis

This is because I didn't use "parenthesis" in my answer. It is, however, in the question's title, so I would still expect my answer to come up as a result, and I believe that the old search implementation would agree.

From the logic side of things, I can understand why using the user: operator might be me saying "I don't want to search in the post body of content I didn't post", but it seems like it should at least incorporate the question's title when looking at answers*.

*Well, at least in this specific case. Now that search shows questions and answers separately, I can see why this would be problematic (and the current behaviour intentional) in the general case.

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Just updating: we're not ignoring this, it's on my list to look at after the move. – Nick Craver Feb 4 '13 at 14:10
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This has been corrected...when searching within a specific user's posts, titles are now searched on answers as well.

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