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Subscribe to others' questions
How do you watch questions in Stack Overflow?

Is there a way to watch a question on Stackoverflow. Would be easier to track if there are any updates, answers or comments to it. Right now, I can only tag them as favorites and come back to check their status in the future. Would be great to get notified instead.

Either the option exists or there is a reason why it was never implemented. If none of this reasons hold true, this could be a nice to have feature.

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If you have Stack Exchange Notifier you are notified from every comment in reply to you, or any answer added to your questions. As for watching a specific question (so also one that you did not ask personally), I usually add them to Google feeds so that I am notified of every change.

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The answer is obvious, the Site works best when your online browsing and reading/answering questions and not looking in email waiting to be notified.

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