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There needs to be a way to request/vote on undoing 'accepted' tag synonyms.

For instance: , Microsoft's web-only templating engine, has the synonym a NuGet package and open-source library that lets you use Razor outside of web pages.

I have some problems with RazorEngine that are specific to the library - I'm not asking anything about Microsoft's underlying Razor technology.

I want the tags to be specific to the NuGet package, like they are for other packages (for instance like the Mini Profiler has its own tag).

There should be a way for me to at least suggest that all questions about the RazorEngine are not actually about Razor, ideally on the page where I can suggest new synonyms.

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Shouldn't you just ask here for a Razor-Nuget tag? – Chris Gerken Jan 29 '13 at 18:04
@ChrisGerken what? For every NuGet package based on Razor? I don't think that would be very useful. I have enough rep to create new tags and suggest new synonyms, I just can't suggest that an existing one is incorrect or out of date. – Keith Jan 30 '13 at 8:07

There is talk that at some point they will redo the synonym page and how that process will be done. This would probably be a good item to implement then, though I think I'd require a higher voting level, and maybe even ultimately mod-approval.

For now, you basically have to get a mod interested to make it happen.

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