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While trying to examine the distribution of question view counts on Stack Exchange sites, I came across an anomaly - there appear to be questions in the database with NULL ViewCounts. This query I ran on Stack Overflow found a small (but not insignificant) number of questions with this. They all appear to be questions asked between 12.41pm and 12.55pm on 13 January.

SELECT Id AS [Post Link], ViewCount, CreationDate FROM Posts 
WHERE PostTypeId = 1 AND ViewCount IS NULL
ORDER BY CreationDate


These are the last few questions to be imported into the Data Explorer. I'm guessing they got a ViewCount of NULL because their ViewCount is actually zero.

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Which has always confused me. Doesn't the initial viewing of the post on submit = 1? – jcolebrand Jan 30 '13 at 15:00

This appears to have been fixed at some point.

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