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Why does Firefox treat Helvetica differently from Chrome? was marked as a duplicate of CSS font differences between browsers. There was no clear explanation, save for this comment:

“IMO, the answer applies equally well here: ‘But as hard as you try, you won't get the 100% same look. This is because of the different font rendering strategies browsers and OS use.’”

I updated my question with an appeal (see “UPDATE 2”) but the users who marked it as a duplicate aren’t as quick to respond as they were to close the question.

Can someone at least explain what community rules apply here to clarify the situation?

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Okay, agreed:

The answers to that question don't help you (you want "why", not "how to fix".) Even if the current answers did fit, if you're asking a different question, it shouldn't be treated as a dupe, as some other answers might fit one and not the other and be better.


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