As pointed out in this answer it is possible to create a link in formatted code. But, only by using explicit HTML. Since I think creating a link to documentation within a code block is a fairly common use case, it should be possible to do this using the GUI.

I should be able to highlight some code. Press the code format button code formatting button. Then highlight some code within that and press the link button and create a link.

Today this results in:

[parseInt][3]("01", 10);

it should result in:

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So. How would you differentiate that from a multidimentional array? =D –  J. Steen Jan 31 '13 at 18:22
Since I think creating a link to documentation within a code block is a fairly common use case I've never needed to do that. If I want to post a link to documentation it'll usually be in the explanation before or after the code block. –  Servy Jan 31 '13 at 18:42
@Servy That is what I do too. But, if it were easy to link to docs from within a code block I would do it. –  Adam Jan 31 '13 at 18:45
Oh no, one mistake in your Objective-C and all hell breaks loose. Let's please leave the code-blocks as pure as possible. –  Bart Jan 31 '13 at 18:57
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Not sure I like this suggestion.

Whenever I've needed to throw some code into the mix with a reference, I would write a blurb about the code block, including a link to the API, then use the code in action.

I don't see a reason to mix code with links. Code is code.

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A link title with code formatting is possible, as when you are linking to the docs for a particular class or function:

You should use [`-[NSString rangeOfString:options:]`][1] for this, passing [`NSLiteralSearch`][2] for the `options:` argument.


You should use -[NSString rangeOfString:options:] for this, passing NSLiteralSearch for the options: argument.

I think this is sufficient. (Note: Meta doesn't style links differently, but mouseover those first two code-formatted bits and you'll see the links.) Putting links into larger code blocks doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Code needs to be exact; mixing up some other language with makes editing more confusing than it needs to be. (It also makes the mouse selection target touchier -- dammit, I was trying to highlight the text, not click the link!)

As a bonus, putting links in the English text outside the code block encourages you to do a little explanation, too, which nearly always increases the answer's quality.

I don't have any great positive argument as to why this shouldn't be done; it's more that I think there's no need for it. Leave the code blocks for the machine.

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