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It seems that you can no longer handle duplicates of questions that haven't received an answer through close votes — unless you're a moderator, or both questions are by the same user.

How are we then supposed to handle them, then?

Three Two main possible scenarios that come to mind:

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It would nice if there were some way to do this and re-emphasize the original. I don't see how multiple versions of the same unanswered question helps anyone. – mattdm Feb 2 '13 at 0:07

Actually, you provide the primary answer in your question:

unless you're a moderator, or both questions are by the same user.

I asked a very similar question earlier today (but with an active example) , and part of the answer I got from a moderator was:

Others might require some very rare and specific knowledge, and just haven't gotten enough visibility. You can flag one for moderator attention, point to the other and let them have a look.

In cases where the two duplicates were asked within a short timeframe and were equally good, I would comment in both with a link to the other, and then try to ensure that if/when one of them received an answer that the other one would then be closed as the duplicate. Or, if they both received answers within the same short timeframe, I would then probably flag either as a duplicate.

If either question or answer(s) is discernably poorer on either side, that question should obviously be the one marked as a duplicate of the better.

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