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Related to (but narrower than) this question:

Often times when a post is downvoted, it is because it is unclear, ambiguous, poorly written, or in general close-worthy. These are posts that are not likely to ever be favorited (in their current state). There are also posts that have a decent chance to be edited to improve any of the aforementioned negative facets.

I propose that we be allowed, when downvoting a question, to recieve a notification after it has been approved (under the specifications named below). This would be a better alternative to "favoriting" a poor question which may or may not actually be improved.

Draft proposed feature:

  • When I downvote a question, I am asked (no more obtrusively than the suggested share link on an upvote) if I would like to be notified if/when the post is improved.
  • I will receive at most one notification regarding post improvement (or no notifications if no improvement is made).
  • I will receive a notification between 24-48 hours after I downvote and agree to a notifcation. I will only receive this notification if the post has been edited at least once since I downvoted.
  • If the post is not edited within 48 hours after my vote, I will not be notified.
  • Regardless of the open/closed status of the question when I voted, if the post has been closed and edited (or edited and closed), a reopen vote will trigger the notification.

Basically I can opt in (at the time of voting) to be notified if a question I downvote is "improved" according to certain metrics (what I've proposed here or an otherwise suitable measure). This allows me to remove my downvote or change it to an upvote when (/if) a question is improved. I don't need to worry about whether anyone responds to any comments I may (or may not!) leave when downvoting. It allows me decide which questions I think will actually improve, but doesn't require me to manually recheck or to favorite a poor question.

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This sounds similar to the changes to reopen q announced recently where closed questions that are improved by op are automatically added to the reopen Q. I'd like to see this. – Toby Allen Feb 2 '13 at 8:17
I'd love to see this. Image the workflow: Down-vote -> comment -> OP edits the Q -> downvoter gets notification -> lift down-vote -> Profit: high quality content. :) – Flow Feb 20 '13 at 9:27
I'd love to see that, too! Though a window of 48h might be a bit small, considered some "posters" might not check back within this time frame (it might be argued for no time frame, or a different "upper limit", or making a time frame optional to be set "on demand"). However that "time frame" might be decided upon, I'd hail the feature! – Izzy Feb 20 '13 at 9:47

This somehow reminds me of my Notify close voters when a closed question gets edited request.

In either case, since an edit bumps a question, negative votes should simply be cancelled by other users' positive votes - which is one reason why it's good etiquette to not down-vote something that already has a score below -2 (unless the post is severely flawed beyond recovery): That way it has a chance to regain a positive voting score by just a few users.

That doesn't mean I disagree with your proposal, though. I actually like it, since there are cases where you "have" to down-vote an answer due to flaws (that you don't know how to solve) but spot potential for an excellent answer if someone manages to sort the issue out - and in that case you'd like to know about the possible fix. But unless you are the only one to spot this, there may already be a comment stating thos, and adding a "-1 for the same reason, please @tell me when you fix it" is meta-noise and the editor will probably not @notify everyone (or anyone) manually anyway.

So yes, this should be implemented in some way.

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good etiquette to not down-vote something that already has a score below -2 - Well, it is good etiquette, but I'd not be surprised to see many people downvote it further (crowd voting or bully voting). – nhahtdh Mar 14 '13 at 9:51
@nhahtdh Kick them while they are down – Tobias Kienzler Mar 14 '13 at 9:58

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