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The problem with linking an answer to a blogspot or other blogging websites is that, in most companies, blogspots and others may be disabled(since they're personal websites) - that hampers from getting the answers.

So my question is, should external blogspot links be allowed?

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Related :… – AsheeshR Feb 3 '13 at 6:15
In most companies? Is it still that bad in some places? (Have not seen anything blocked since 1999.) – Arjan Feb 3 '13 at 8:55
@Arjan Our college has a firewall that appears to work on an allow list rather than a block list, the result being that just about everything is blocked other than the most obvious stuff such as Wikipedia. If a Google search result opens (which itself depends on whether the search gets permitted or not), then you should consider yourself extremely lucky .. – AsheeshR Feb 3 '13 at 10:22

Yes, links to those resources should be allowed. Links to outside resources should only serve as a reference. If you leave just a link as an answer, forcing people to go to a blog or other web site, that's not considered a good answer anyway. The information from the blog that answers the question should be quoted or paraphrased. If someone leaves a link-only answer, flag it for removal.

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ah cool.. thanks for the info – Aniket Feb 3 '13 at 5:59

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