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I'm trying to make a YQL open data table for easy access to the stack overflow API. However, I keep getting this connection failure message that seems to be the result of timing out:

     "error": "Connect Failure",
     "execution-start-time": "10",
     "execution-stop-time": "5089",
     "execution-time": "5079",
     "proxy": "DEFAULT",
     "content": "http://api.stackexchange.com/2.1/questions/9200513/answers?site=stackoverflow&sort=activity&order=desc&key=UI7fqGbBXBBEJky5T%2aqltw%28%28&filter=withbody"

Could this be a problem on the SO end, or am I doing something wrong in my table definition?

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YQL has a connection timeout of 5 seconds (source)

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