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I flagged a question like so:

VBA Error :Could not find installable ISAM 1 asked Jan 15 at 19:15 by Swapnil agrawal This post seems to have included a real user name and password. I have edited them out, but I am not sure that this is sufficient. I have not commented, because I do not want to draw attention to the slip. – Jan 16 at 22:02 helpful

Because it seemed to have a real user name and password, and that seems to have been appropriate. Whereas flagging this question that may have had a real, or even seemingly real, credit card number was not appropriate:

Select a value from drop down by providing a substring of that value asked 5 hours ago by Hitendra Singh That looks horribly like a real credit card number. I have edited, but it may not be enough. – 2 hours ago declined - I'll let you know once I've tried to use it.

When is it proper to flag data that appears to be live/real?

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IMO, it is almost always proper. – AsheeshR Feb 5 '13 at 15:43
That flag decline-message is wonderful. – J. Steen Feb 5 '13 at 15:43

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