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Since this is really data about the person I would like it to also be available on the person's profile page. Perhaps in the section containing their personal data.

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OK, but I need some other meaningful stats to put in there, first. It can't just be accept rate alone.

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Why not follow an agile approach and put what you have there now, and add to it as you go along? – tvanfosson Aug 23 '09 at 13:02
Also: see this question… for more ideas. – tvanfosson Aug 23 '09 at 13:03
For starters, you could add both question and answer acceptance rate:… – Kyle Cronin Aug 23 '09 at 22:30
Here's another idea for the "stats" page:… – Matt Hamilton Aug 24 '09 at 4:34
The only way for a user to check on his/her accept rate at the moment is to locate one of his older posts!! – Agnel Kurian Feb 19 '10 at 6:11
@Jeff is this feature-request dead? – Trufa Feb 1 '11 at 0:48
@Trufa looks like that.. – Shadow Wizard Sep 23 '12 at 14:31
It seems odd that other users can find my acceptance rate more easily than I can! – SteB Sep 29 '12 at 20:13

To answer the question and to add to Jeff's post...

To keep the inevitable support questions like "My calculated rate is wrong" or "What does this percentage mean?" to a minimum, the profile could contain the information which is used to calculate that number.

  • Number of questions not community wiki
  • Questions older than 3 days.
  • Questions with at least 1 answer.

  • # of qualifying questions with an accepted answer = %accepted.

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While I am no great fan of the accept rate itself, as long as it's with us I do agree it deserve to be in the user profile. Its natural location is below the badges:

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We need the Accept Rate in the User Profile, so that I don't have to go click on one of my questions when I want to see what it is.

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