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I uploaded an image to imgur (

Now I try to insert that image in an answer, like this one, but it doesn't work. I click insert an image, from web, then I paste the exact same url in the box and I get "Failed to upload image; the format is not supported".

Is this expected behavior? I would expect that I could link existing images from imgur

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You must use the image form:

Not the page which has the image:

For future reference, you can use this to easily add an image:


Which results in this:

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I don't see a way anymore to get Imgur to automatically display the direct link, like in the image above. Is there still a way to do this, or do I need to guess the file type and enter .png manually? – incandescentman Jan 15 at 20:30
@incandescentman any file type will work, imgur is smart enough to serve the image as-is even with a wrong extension. e.g. this will serve the original picture, with image/png Content Type header. – Shadow Wizard Jul 13 at 11:18

The link is only a page containing the image. It's an HTML file. You need the actual image link:
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